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Commercial Product Photography Services

If you're looking for more than just some great looking product or fashion images to go on your website and marketing pieces you've come to the right place!  The majority of small to medium size business need executive head shots, great product and or fashion photography.  The problem with getting these things done is that most individuals expect that by taking those actions that it will help them generate revenue.  Although it helps to have those things checked off of the list it won't help you sell or position you in the market place.  At NEP Studio's we offer much more than just the ability to produce great imagery.  Having worked as the Sr. Photographer for one of the largest Beauty companies in the world for the past 7 years I have learned that great images are only a part of being able to positioning yourself in the market place.  Setting a company up for success takes much, much more!  So, what do we do!?

1.  In our initial consultation we discuss the products you need images taken for.  We try to determine how best to shoot your products to display them in their best light.  Highlighting important features and points of significance.

2. We suggest that in addition to taking the single shots that lifestyle shots need to be taken so the client falls in love with the idea of the product thru product placement and or model advertisement.

3. We work with our clients to make sure they are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to ad placement as well as getting them started with being SEO compliant.

What good are GREAT images if you're unable to maximize their use? ....  

Give us a call at 817-320-8939 and let us help you thrive in 2017 and beyond!

6 Simple steps to photographing your products

1.  Tell us about your project.

Call or email us at 817-320-8939 or and we will review your your project and provide you with a quote. We will also answer any questions you have regarding the process.

2.  Shipment of products.

Pack your items securely and ship them directly to our Fort Worth Dallas studio. Remember to take extra care with products, such as glass wear, apparel, cream and liquids.  Items will not be accepted without confirmation of shipment by phone at 817-320-8939.


3.  Scheduling your shoot.

You will be informed by email or voice once your products have arrived. We will then confirm your payment information and order, along with any special instructions and place your products on our schedule to be shot.

4.  Photographing & editing your product.

All products are photographed by our experienced professional photographer using the latest in professional lighting, SLR cameras, and lenses.

All photographs are edited to remove dust and other imperfections as well as to ensure proper color and tone.

5. How do I receive my images?

After the photos are complete, we will provide you with a username and password so you can access your images via our dedicated image server.

All images are delivered in high resolution at 300 DPI and remain available for 30 days for future download.

6.  Product return policy.

We will securely pack your products and arrange the return shipment.  Shipping cost will be applied to your invoice or can be billed to your UPS or FedEx account.

If you prefer your products not be returned, we\ can dispose of them at your direction.

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Rates for photography projects are quoted based on the\ specific needs of your project.  Factors such as complexity, size, and optional features will dictate the overall cost of your project.  Please see the following table for our basic table top rate guide.

Rates for individual photos on white background*

Session Fees start at $150 and include product shooting timeas well as simple clean up and post production.  Please contact me at 817-320-8939 if you have any questions.


Optional Services

Rush Service $5.00 Per Photo

Clipping Paths $2.00 Per Photo

Product Assembly $55.00 Per Hour

Photos sent on CD $5.00 Per Order (Regardless of number of products)

Non-White Background $2.00 Per Photo

Group Shots Contact Us For Quote

Return of Products Charged to your UPS account or billed at actual cost

We can include a model with certain types of products.  Please contact us for a custom quote (min $100)

*Additional Factors such as group shots, shiny finishes, and setup & assembly, may affect these rates.

Fast standard turnaround

Most photography projects are completed approximately 5 Days after we receive your products in our studio. Very large projects may require additional time.  In rare cases when we have an exceptionally high workload, your project may take slightly longer. To confirm current production times please contact us!

Rush Service. (optional)

Rush turnaround is available for most projects and is\ subject to availability. Please note that when electing for rush service the entire project must be put on a\ rush time table.

2 Day: Additional 15%
Next Day: Additional 25%
Same Day: Additional 30%