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Life's Moments, Capture Them, Remember Them.
- NEP Studio

2017 Seniors

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with Miranda W. a graduating Sr. from O.D. Wyatt HS.  I enjoy working with all of my clients but especially young people that have set goals and meet them.  She has a full ride for track and field to New Mexico Jr College running the 4x100 and the 200.  Knowing this I felt like I had to capture the essence of what it takes to become a top tear athlete and be acknowledged for it.  Congratulations Miranda and continued success.

Group & Panoramic Business / school imagery

If you are a School or Business looking for High End Group or Panoramic Portraits inquire about our services.  Our friendly staff and exceptional photographers would be happy to work with you to showcase your organizations leaders, teams, and graduates in portrait or panoramic form.  We Specialize in Quality Professional imagery for corporate businesses and schools in the greater Dallas/Ft.Worth area.  Give us a call to schedule your group session, we can be reached at 817.320.8939.  We look forward to working with you.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Over the past 7 years product & commercial photography has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  It carries a lot more weight and importance than other types of photography because the individual you're working for expects so much more from the shoot than even they can imagine.  I'll be posting videos and still from some of my clients during the shoots and follow-ups as well.  Enjoy!

Children's Photography

I recently had the pleasure of working with 3 little ones, an older sister and her 2 not yet one year old twin sisters.  Working with them reminded me of the days not to long ago when I had young ones of my own.  Sponge Bob is still watched in my house and the shoot could not have been more like it!  "3 Hours Latah"  :)  Enjoyed every min of it.

Executive Head Shots

An Executive Head Shot is one of the most over looked commodities when it comes to searching for a new job.  With all of the online sites that promote jobs it is easy to overlook the fact that employers not only look for the qualifications you bring to the table but also the look that in reality give them a 1st impression prior to meeting you in person.  If you're considering getting head shots don't choose a photographer as a last resort.  Make sure your time and money is well spent.  Give us a call to schedule a session.  817.320.8939 

Commercial Product Works

I decided to start posting some of my commercial ad work hope your enjoy! :)

Throwback Thursdays

Covering one of the 1st LFL Games in Dallas my expectations were blown out of the water with the amount of physical play and talent the ladies played with that evening.  I never looked at ladies quite the same way after that. #DallasDesire

Verizon Stadium - Grand Prairie, Tx. 

Verizon Stadium - Grand Prairie, Tx.